RE-Telling Workshop @ The People’s History Museum


The term ‘Scapegoat’ stems from Ancient Greek and Hebrew traditions. In the Biblical text, an actual goat is prepared as a sacrifice to atone for the sins of the populace by having it ‘carry’ their sins out into the wilderness on the Day of Atonement, removing sin from the community. The original term ‘azazel’, means ‘for removal’, or ‘sender away of sins’.

 In modern usage, ‘Scapegoat’ or ‘Scapegoating’ refers to the practice of singling out a particular party for unmerited blame in society. As a political tool, we often see the scapegoating of distinct social groups. Throughout recent history, such group range from Trade Unionists, the Jewish community, migrant groups (such as immigrants from the West Indies and Eastern European migrants), Irish Travellers, the unemployed, the Muslim community and refugees. Such scapegoats are often propagated by mainstream media, who neglect important facts about these communities, twist visual representations and appropriate situations to the advantage of the worldview that they are selling – often in favour of those who seek to profit from social division.

RE-TELLING: Scapegoats, Media & Politics from sophiagardiner on Vimeo.

Re-Telling: Scapegoats, Media & Politics @ People’s History Museum

I will be running a workshop at People’s History Museum this Thursday 4th September, 12:00pm-15:00pm, to discuss the impact of Scapegoating in politics and the media.

Join us for an interactive workshop where we will analyse and discuss the impact of scapegoating in politics and the media.  Find out how this affects both those that are targeted and society as a whole.

Meet groups affected by scapegoating and help bring down barriers that propaganda creates.  Then create the ‘Re-Telling’ of their own stories by taking the headlines of tabloids that target certain groups unfairly, stereotype and otherwise scapegoat, along with political literature, quotes and articles by cutting them apart and re-applying them to tell it as it is. 

Full details of the workshop and how to book can be found HERE.

Rhythm & Justice – Launch of the ‘Justice & Security for the Famakinwa Family’ campaign

Celebrating Abiola’s campaign launch with a fundraiser at Cross Street Chapel.

Being Watched (Luxembourg Style)

Ever Heard of Luxembourg?

Spent some of the other week in Luxembourg City for another music-related mission.

To sum up- it’s very small, it’s mostly built in and around a big ravine, it’s got a lot of old walls with holes in, is hideously overpriced and everyone wants to know your life story… Seriously, you try and be polite and ask questions which here would get a banal, ‘oh it’s all good, thanks’, there gets an hour-long discussion.

It was also a good thing to have a travelling companion this time, who is firstly, also of an artistic sentiment (and therefore not only tolerates, but participates in taking photos of stuff ordinary mortals would consider a waste of pixels and not worth climbing up rock faces for) and secondly- actually good at reading maps.


Exploring in the twilight…

A shrine (featuring a totally out of proportioned donkey).


Then we climbed down into an orchard and went sappin’ to save my euros…

And then went to investigate the fort…

RHYTHM & JUSTICE – campaign launch for the Famakinwa family…


Graveyard in Blackley

The Jewish graveyard that was vandalised late last week.


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